Working on the gown inspired by Persuasion and getting my daily dose of Devoney

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In Persuasion, Jane Austen writes August 9th, 1787, is the birthday of our dear Anne Elliot and I decided to celebrate the occasion by making her a gown. I decided to use this gold sequined fabric because the meaning of it. The color gold symbolizes illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic and wisdom. It's also associated with success and triumph. If anyone deserves a gold gown, it would be Anne, the most financially aware person in the Elliot family.

Anne's Heart of Gold Gown

The creative process has been so fun for me these last few months since announcing my return to the runway and with the help with Professor Devoney Looser, educational as well. I routinely pull up her Great Courses lectures to listen to while I cut out fabric or patterns and when I hand sew. Unfortunately, when I'm on my industrial sewing machine, it's hard to hear. The best thing about my "Daily Dose of Devoney" routine is that my husband has finally been listening and learning about Jane Austen.

My Daily Dose of Devoney

Today, I skipped ahead to her "Luxury, Fashion, and Labor in the Regency" lecture to help me cut out "Anne's Heart of Gold" gown. 
Stay tuned, you may see a design inspired by Devoney called "The Derby Girl" dress.

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