The Jane Austen Love Birds Print

Posted by Jennyvi Dizon on

I created this print from a painting I did when I was engaged in Colorado. I had asked my then boyfriend to marry me and I felt like that it was something Elizabeth Bennet would do today. Actually, any one of Jane Austen's characters could do that today and they too would have chosen wisely.
Jane Austen Couture Love Birds Print
I've been happily married for 19 years and feel like all my designs get infused with the optimism I have that love can change the world for the better. Whatever you love, whether it's a person, your pets, your work and your life, remember it makes a difference.
Jane Austen Couture Love Birds Kimono
I decided to design a kimono style dress to mix the Eastern and Western influences in my life. My husband is Caucasian and I'm from the Philippines, both of us celebrate different traditions from each other.

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