The Astrology of Genius: Anne Ortelee reads Jane Austen, with special guest Laura Rocklyn

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Join astrologer Anne Ortelee and performer Laura Rocklyn for an in-depth look at the birth chart of the beloved novelist, Jane Austen.

Registration is $26 and all proceeds will help to fund The Holy Theatre's workshop of Persuasion, as adapted by Sarah Rose Kearns, at The Warwick Institute of Culture later this summer. Please click here to register today.

The Astrology of Genius: Anne Ortelee

To quote playwright Sarah Rose Kearns:
"The well-known astrologer Anne Ortelee has agreed to read "Jane," in the person of my dear friend Laura Rocklyn — whom you may have seen portray her before in my play Manydown and/or in her own solo show Who Dares to Be an Authoress. Anne is always fully-booked for readings about six months in advance, so I'm particularly chuffed that she's agreed to squeeze Miss Austen in.
Practitioners of astrology just love a well-documented birth time, and for Jane Austen we have a solid one, so the reading should be quite accurate! I'm anxious to hear about her transits in 1995, which I think we can agree was a very good year for our friend, notwithstanding she was dead. PERHAPS they will also spill some tea about the thing with Tom Lefroy."
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