Our First Giveaway Winner!

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Thank you to everyone who donated to win the Jane Austen Couture NYC Taxi Striped Handbag. Out of the 70 entries that we received, the random selector we used on the Betterworld donation platform selected Amber Berry of Magda's Style Room.
Amber Berry of Magda's Style Room
If you didn't win, we have another giveaway that starts August 18th, 2022. Again, all donations received will go to The Holy Theatre.
If you would like to know about our winner Amber Berry and her company, below is her bio.

Magda's Style Room believes that shopping for individual style is more interesting (and more fun) than relying on trends. Trends are based on the business of fashion, individual style is how you feel and look in your clothes. Magda's Style Room began choosing styles with this in mind and this led to providing a new way to shop both for at-home personal shopping or for private events. 

When I began this project, I was learning the ropes as a pro-makeup artist working in fashion, production, and commercial print. Having come from a background as a professional actor in theatre I felt like it was incredible to have access to quality clothing. I wanted clothes in great condition that were high quality, but not always expensive.

I also loved the idea of how moving and sourcing clothing was effective for cost and the planet.  I learned that the idea of donating and specific purchasing could be in sync with styling. 

Magda's Style Room knows where our selected clothes come from.

We purchase and curate resale through buying and trade that is high quality and is sold at the right cost. Value without compromising quality or style. I find joy in connecting people within a network (a natural result of small business) where you personally know who you are working with! 

I look forward to styling with you. You'll see for yourself how much money you'll save and what great items you will collect unique to you, and you'll love participating in a new way to source clothes better by adding in a fun way to shop.

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