From Runway To Regency: Who Wore It Better?

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This past September was hectic for me as a designer, which is excellent. The month started with my New York Fashion Week show on September 10th; the week after that was my birthday, and then on September 27th, I flew out to Victoria, Canada, for the JASNA AGM (Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting). These events for me only happen once a year, and it was well worth putting in all the effort despite some unforeseen circumstances.

Since last year's AGM, I have been planning and developing my collection for New York Fashion Week for the past year. I created looks like the Jane 2.0 gown, the Augusta Wedding Gown, the Emma gown, and the Cinderelliot gown. I loved all the gowns I sewed myself, but the one I was most proud of was the glittery gold one named "Anne's Heart of Gold." 

One of the reasons why I love the gown so much was that my wedding song was Ben Harper's "Gold To Me," and much like Anne, I had to recover from a broken heart when I found love the second time around. Anne's Heart of Gold is much more than a dress to me; but is a symbol of my long-lasting love for my husband, life, and Jane Austen. I was honored to have Liz Philosophos Cooper wear it at the JASNA ball. 

Jane Austen Couture Anne's Heart of Gold Gown

On the left is a model at my New York Fashion Week show on September 10th, and on the right is Liz Philosophos Cooper at the JASNA Ball on October 1st. Who do you think wore it better? My answer is below the video of my runway show.

 My answer to who wore Anne's Heart of Gold better is Liz. I had made the collar, especially for her and the Regency-inspired ball.

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