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Today's blog is inspired by finding joy and sparking lifelong friendships through our friend Jane Austen. I am so grateful that a woman like Miss Austen was born, and she is still giving so many gifts to people like me. When I started designing gowns based on the characters in her novels, I didn't expect to create an entirely new business. I had designed collections in the past and moved on to developing the next season with a different theme, but that was not the case when it came to the Jane Austen Collection.

After I attended my first JASNA AGM (Jane Austen Society of North American Annual Meeting), a passion was sparked, and I couldn't turn back. I started with custom Regency gowns, and in the summer, I contacted manufacturers to develop a print collection with the Jane Austen silhouette I designed. The silhouette in my logo and the prints are based on the Jane Austen 2.0 gown I made with the removable collar. Since then, I've been "working" (having fun) non-stop to give Janeites more clothing, shoes, and bags to add to their wardrobe. 

Jennyvi and Joy

Above is a picture of my friend Joy and me at the JASNA AGM. I found her carrying the heart-shaped bag with the Jane Austen 2.0 silhouette and the matching shoes. My new friend, Carol Ann, took the photo of us and was so kind to send it to both of us. 

It's hard to believe that just by wearing my designs at the JASNA AGM, I would be busy fulfilling orders and gaining traction on growing my business. Special thanks to all my customers who continue to spread the word about what I do. Can you believe this started because I was healing and reading Jane Austen? I'm sure you do, she's a comfort to most of us, and we are lucky to have her work live on in our lives.

Speaking of luck, have you seen one of Devoney Looser's lucky dresses? Below is a picture of her in the Devoney Derby Dress, holding up a copy of her new book Sister Novelists. If you're on Kindle like I am and often commute in the subways, it's a great read.

Devoney Derby Dress

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