Did It Spark Jane At New York Fashion Week?

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On Saturday, September 10th, 2022, the Jane Austen Collection by Jennyvi debuted during New York Fashion Week. While creating the collection, the question that plagued my mind was, does it spark Jane? I designed each print with the Jane Austen Silhouette and each gown with a character in mind.

After the print dresses came out, my collection's evening and bridal portion started with the Jane Austen 2.0 gown. I sewed the gowns thinking about how to modernize Jane's look, so I did an iridescent collar, which is also depicted in the print silhouette I designed for the ready-to-wear dresses that started the show.

There will be more to come as I get more professional photos back, but if you're curious about the collection, watch the JASNA Southwest youtube "Jennyvi Dizon Redesigning the Regency." 


Omac Models provided these photos below.

Jane Austen 2.0 Gown

Jane Austen 2.0 Gown




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