Celebrating Jane in Saratoga Springs

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On December 16th, 1775, Jane Austen was born, and it's remarkable how one author has brought together so many people. This year, I decided to take a train to Saratoga Springs and meet up with my friend Alyssa, a JASNA Capital Region member. 

Alyssa Opishinski

I first met Alyssa in Chicago when she was my dance class partner and a speaker at the JASNA Annual General Meeting, which happens once a year. She encouraged me to come up for the weekend and celebrate Jane.

Alyssa Opishinski

Alyssa is a fashion historian and costume designer. She was nice enough to volunteer herself as my official barouche driver while I was in town. Pictured above is Alyssa in the Regency dress she made.

JASNA NY Capital Region

Thank you to everyone I met, and a special thank you to Jane Murphy and Nancy Duell for all the hard work you put into coordinating the event. It was so well done.


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